(Open Source)

MCEdit is a free, open-source application that enables users to create and edit maps or worlds in the game Minecraft. After installation, users can then open a saved Minecraft map and navigate around it using the keyboard controls and the mouse. At the bottom of the interface is a set of tools that can be used to edit the map. The Select feature users to select areas and access options for copying, deleting, and cutting. Users can also use the fill and replace tool as well as the clone tool with this feature.

MCEdit’s other features include the following:

• Brush tool – enables users to create or paint blocks in various sizes and shapes such as diamond, square, and circle. Users can access different brush modes to add, replace, or alter block layers.
• Clone tool – enables users to create copies of blocks and other game entities. Multiple clones can be lined up and scaled down. Cloned objects may be rotated and flipped vertically or horizontally.
• Plugin support – enables users to write codes using Python programming language to add functionality to the application.
• Compatibility with different Minecraft versions – allows users to load games saved in classic, current, and in-development Minecraft versions.
• Integration with the Minecraft server - enables users to generate natural terrain for the maps they are creating or editing.