McAfee VirusScan Online

Networks Associates Technology, Inc (Freeware)

McAfee VirusScan Online is an online tool for scanning suspicious files for viruses, malware, spyware, and the like. It is a browser-based application wherein the user simply submits a file, similar to uploading a photo onto a social network like Facebook, for processing. Once the file is uploaded, it is then scanned for any type of virus. This is checked against a database that is constantly updated to the second. This is due to the fact that the scanner has direct access to McAfee’s extensive virus registry due to the fact that it is an online, browser-based scanner.

This online virus scan is useful for when a user downloads files from the internet. The user might deem these files suspicious and would wish for a reliable source to scan the files. The constantly updated database coupled with a trusted name, with McAfee being a long standing player in the computer security world, makes this online scanner very reliable. However, with the need to upload files to the server prior to scanning, this makes the scanner more suitable for smaller files. Users can, however, upload larger files if they wish. McAfee VirusScan Online has now been discontinued and is no longer available.