McAfee® Total Protection™ Service

McAfee, Inc. (Proprietary)

McAfee Total Virus Protection is a suite of security applications designed to prevent the computer from intrusion and attack by viruses, spyware, and assorted malware threats. With this program running in the background, every website the user visits is monitored. It blocks threats immediately should any be present. The application has a backup system in case the computer crashes. This can restore the computer to its previous state. The software updates daily to ensure protection from new viruses. The application can also let the user schedule the scan. The user can also opt to do an automatic scan when the computer is not in use.

Some of the program’s main features are the following:

• Firewall – This blocks other networks from trying to hack the computer.
• SiteAdvisor – This utility advises the user if a website he is visiting is trusted or not. A rating system sits just below the website’s entry in the search engine’s result pages.
• Anti-Spam – This protects the user’s e-mail account from unsolicited emails that can contain malware.

The program’s home screen displays all the important utilities at once. If a virus is detected, the application notifies the user through small pop-ups. Another unique feature of the software is its ability to check links on websites, e-mails, and chat messages if these links contain viruses and malware.