McAfee SecurityCenter

McAfee, Inc. (Bundled)

McAfee SecurityCenter is the Graphical User Interface application for various McAfee suites. It is installed together with McAfee suites. This program serves as a portal for different security events. It also provides detailed information regarding a computer’s entire security exposure and status. The application also enables subscribers to run, control, and configure security subscriptions.

The McAfee SecurityCenter program covers four threat areas – Internet & Network, Computer & Files, Parental Controls, and Instant Messaging. Detailed descriptions for each threat areas are available in this program. It also displays the security information for each threat areas covered by the program. Configuration settings for each threat area can also be found in the McAfee SecurityCenter. Available features for each area are also found in the program’s Advanced Menu.

The application can be used to stay updated with the latest security versions. It has an option to manually or automatically scan for McAfee Suite updates. The SecurityScan program can also scan the computer system on different schedules. Scanning schedules may vary according to the installed McAfee Suite.

The McAfee SecurityScan program can also be used to view the current version of all the installed McAfee components. This can be accessed through the main window’s View Details icon. The program also features Protection Status, where it displays the current security status of the computer. It can also display Reports and Logs. Files and other programs found during a scan can also be restored using this program. Other features available in this program are Automatic Updates, Alerts and Users (provided that Privacy Service is present).