McAfee Security Scan Plus

McAfee, Inc. (Freeware)

McAfee Security Scan Plus is a diagnostic application developed and manufactured by McAfee, Inc. Its primary use is to check the status of the computer’s security system. The program will detect and identify any problems concerning a computer’s firewall protection, web security status, and anti-virus program.

The McAfee Security Scan Plus software works as added protection to McAfee’s antivirus program. However, it can also work with other types of security software without affecting the computer’s performance. It installs and updates silently in the background.

The McAfee Security Scan Plus program utilizes Active Protection Technology. This will scan for all types of possible system threats in the running processes. This will scan for Trojans, viruses, adware & spyware, tracking cookies, browser history and other potentially dangerous malwares. The program also detects outdated/inactive security software and firewall. After completing a scan, the McAfee Security Scan Plus program will provide a detailed report showing the current status of the computer’s security protection. If the application detects problems, it will suggest the best possible security action.

The McAfee Security Scan Plus application features Quick Scan time. This feature scans the computer’s security system every time it needs to. Users also have the option to do this manually. This application also offers different scanning options. Scanning can be done weekly, daily, monthly, or manually. The McAfee Security Scan Plus requires Internet connectivity to check for updates.