McAfee Personal Firewall

McAfee (Proprietary)

McAfee Personal Firewall is a security firewall program developed by McAfee and released on 2011. The program protects the computer from unwanted and malicious network traffic and intrusion. Once installed, the program is automatically enabled protecting the users’ computer. It features an Alerts system to alert the user from any security events, as well as provide options and recommendations for security issues. The program deals with several protection levels, but the default setting prevents the computer from sending outgoing information. Programs may send info to the computer though. However, the program can likewise prevent third party programs from sending information.

McAfee Personal Firewall features a Smart Advice feature enabling users to have access to valuable advice regarding present threats or online intrusions to the computer. The program also includes some Firewall customization options including managing startup Internet behavior, network communication with other systems, and system behavior in case of active hacking.

McAfee Personal Firewall also offers a Lockdown security feature. This prevents all incoming and ongoing communication to the PC. Effectively, the system is cut off from all network connection, as if network cables are unplugged from the machine. Other security levels available are Full Access, Monitored Access, Outgoing Access, and Stealth mode. The program also offers program level customization enabling access or preventing access from particular programs or software.