McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention

McAfee, Inc. (Shareware)

The McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention program is an ideal security application that serves to protect computers from various threats. It provides users with three protection layers to prevent intrusions. These three comprehensive security features are behavioral analysis, signature analysis, and a dynamic firewall. It features an advanced vulnerability shielding method that offers stronger protection for computer systems. It also lets users customize the security control features so that they can apply different levels of protection depending on the location of the computer, whether it is connected to a virtual private network or VPN, a corporate network, or a public network.

This application updates and delivers its security content automatically so that users do not have to install these manually. The updates target emerging threats from executing. One of the notable features of the McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention program is its integration of the Global Threat Intelligence service, which works in real time to provide users with all kinds of cyberthreats from downloaded files, websites, email messages, and network traffic. This application makes use of the service to identify suspicious IP addresses and domains that are hosting malware and block them on the user’s computer. This application also integrates with the ePolicy Orchestrator platform, which is used in managing all of the computers in a network.