McAfee AntiTheft

McAfee, Inc. (Shareware)

McAfee Anti-Theft is a security and antivirus program developed and distributed by McAfee, Inc. The program was created to protect the privacy of users and prevent theft. The program can be used for protecting financial records, personal documents and other significant files on a computer against hackers and thieves. It is also used for keeping sensitive and important files private when using shared computer. The program comes with unlimited chat and email assistance. Automatic updates are also available.

With the help of advanced technology with 256-bit AES encryption, the program is capable of securing different types of data via vaults. Users may add a password to these vaults for further protection. This is particularly useful when sharing computers. The program also offers a password reset option, which can be accessed any time. Transferring or hiding files via a USB drive is possible as well. The application offers a drag-and-drop support when transferring files into the vaults. Users may also create multiple vaults for different types of files. Aside from this, McAfee Anti-Theft program also works alongside with other security software including Trend Micro, Symantec, and other brands. However, the program works independently with other security programs.

McAfee, Inc. has discontinued the sale of McAfee Anti-Theft software since July 10, 2012. However, self-help utilities are still available for users on the developer’s website.