MB Free Moon Phase (Freeware)

MB Free Moon Phase is an astronomy program that allows users to calculate the moon phase on a specific day. The program calculates the moon phase depending on the position of the earth, moon, and the sun. It has a user-friendly interface that enables anyone to use it. The application’s main user-interface consists of a Moon Phase Day Details window where users can add the day, month, and year of the moon phase that they are looking for. Once the complete date has been added, users just need to click on the Calculate Moon Phase button in order to get the results. On the results window, users can view an image of the moon phase for the specified date.

MB Free Moon Phase also has basic settings. Users enable the program to run at system start-up. The program can run on its main window or it can be minimized on the system tray. There is also an option to disable the program to run during system start up.

Here are the other features of the MB Free Moon Phase application:

• Simple and easy to use for anyone
• Does not clog up system resources
• Easy to configure
• Displays accurate moon phase results