Mayura Chess Board

Mayura Software (Freeware)

Mayura Chess Board is a program that enables users to play chess on computers running on Windows operating systems. There are three levels of difficulty to suit individual players’ skill levels: Novice, Intermediate, and Expert. In the Novice mode, users can choose to make the program highlight squares to which the selected piece can be moved. The program can also highlight the pieces that are left undefended, so users can see the possible moves to make. The highlights make for a good learning tool so players can easily learn about the game’s rules and eventually develop their skills in game strategy.

Players in the chess level will find themselves face-to-face with the game’s powerful chess engine. The default engine is Rybka, but Easy Peasy and Toga II are also available. Players can switch engines from the game’s menu bar. The Mayura Chess Board provides users with unlimited undo and redo of chess moves and it also displays an arrow indicating the last move made.

Players can also ask the computer for tactical and strategic advice on the next move to make using the Hint bfeature. Those who are reading books on chess gameplay can type in moves instead of selecting pieces by mouse and dragging these to another part of the game board. The game interface is simple and easy to understand; the common controls are placed on a toolbar at the top of the main screen.