MaxTV 4.2.0

MaxTV Technologies (Freeware)

MaxTV is a computer program that enables users to watch either Web TV or international TV channels. This is designed by MaxTV Technologies, and is intended to be used on PC desktops or laptops. This program supports many channels of different genres. Some of the TV genres included are movies, news, sports, music, animations or cartoons, fashion, and documentaries.

This program has support for several popular international channels, which include CNN International, BBC News, and MTV. Some channels may not be available for watching or recording, depending on the user’s region. Users may come back to the channels later to check, as the streaming may have just been delayed. In addition, users may see pop-ups of advertisements as part of the program.

In addition to providing users with the ability to watch TV channels on their computers, it also has additional features. One of these is the MaxTV Recorder, which enables users to record certain channels. The application also comes with the MaxTV Console, which has a tray icon that contains different options for other settings and selection. Another feature is the Command Line, which is used to create third-party plug-ins. With the use of the mouse or keyboard keys, users can access and set the volume, window size, and other available options.