Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon International ltd. (Freeware)

Maxthon Browser is a free web browser that provides basic and advanced features for web surfing. Aside from searching, bookmarking, and tabbed browsing, the program offers some built-in tools to improve the browsing experience. One of the tools included is the Download Sniffer, which is able to detect when there are media files available for download on a website accessed. The sniffer is integrated into the web browser. Users can click on its button and see a list of media files that can be downloaded. Another built-in feature is Split Screen. With this tool, users are able to view two websites in the browser window side-by-side.

Maxthon Browser also has several security features for safer browsing. Users can open a private browser window. When this is used, all the Internet activity (downloaded files, websites visited, etc.) are not saved in the computer’s memory. Another security feature is the Ad Hunter. It’s a tool that blocks malicious advertisements and windows from popping up. Exceptions can be added to allow trusted sites to launch windows.

This web browser is customizable with skins. There are built-in skins so that users can change the color and look of the web browser according to their preference. Users can also upload an avatar to be displayed at the corner of the browser window.