MaxGammon 1.1

Strong Games (Shareware)

MaxGammon is a 3D version of the classic game known as Backgammon. Backgammon is a classic board game traditionally played by two individuals. This is one of the oldest board games in existence and has evolved to have many different variations through the years.

In MaxGammon, the player is faced with the challenge of triumphing over computer opponents. There is another option wherein the player of MaxGammon can play against other human players. This program is a realistic and colorful representation of the popular game that involves an equal measure of strategy and luck based on the roll of the dice.

The program presents the player with the familiar Backgammon board and rules that are known to every enthusiast of the game. The digital version called MaxGammon follows the established rules with a handful of modifications. This computer game has the following basic features:
• Changeable rules (optional Backgammon rules)
• Board skins that can be adjusted
• Multi-language support

MaxGammon is equipped with smart artificial intelligence that provided player of high level skill with ample challenge. This game is also simple enough to figure out such that even novice players will have no trouble finding their way. MaxGammon has a browser version that can be played on the Internet.