Max Payne

Remedy Entertainment (Proprietary)

Max Payne is a single-player third-person shooting video game. It was released on July 23, 2001. It is the first game in the Max Payne game series. The game takes place between 1998 and 2001. The player takes the role of Max Payne, a former NYPD police officer who is now a DEA agent. The storyline line is depicted in three parts. The game features a neo-noir graphic style. And, instead of the typical cut scenes, the story is narrated in the form of graphic novel panels.

The main element of the gameplay is the bullet time-based gunfights. Bullet time gunfight is a game element wherein the bullet’s movement is quite visible. This enables Payne to execute special moves. In certain levels, puzzles and platforming elements are included. At the start of the game, Max Payne only uses a pistol as his weapon. As the game and storyline progresses, the player can gain access to other types of weapons. The game’s health system is through the form of painkillers. Max Payne can regain his strength by collecting painkillers found throughout the game.

The game features different types of game modes. There is the Dead on Arrival mode, wherein the total saves in each chapter is limited to seven only. Another game mode is the New York Minute mode that works like a time-framed mode. The player is required to complete the chapters within a certain time. A special game mode is also available – The Last Challenge – upon completion of the Dead on Arrival game mode.