Max Payne Application

R.G. Catalyst (Proprietary)

Max Payne Application is a third-person shooter computer game that features Max Payne, who is a fictional former NYPD Detective character, and also a DEA undercover agent. It is a video game that uses realistic graphics and neo-noir storytelling style. Rather than cut scenes, novel panels with voice-overs are used to narrate the story of this game.

In this game’s storyline, Max Payne has witnessed the murder of his own family. He attempts to find his family’s killers and take revenge. While he seeks justice in his own hands, he uncovers some conspiracy about the government. This is the mission the player has to follow when playing this game.

The Max Payne computer game tasks users to solve problems and complete missions. It is mostly played with gun fights. The default weapon used is a semi-automatic pistol. Throughout the game, the player can find other firearms and weapons to use. Users can have access to cars and medical kits, such as painkillers, that must be collected to keep Max Payne alive and continue with missions. There are also various controls and options, such as moving the character to walk or run and driving a car, to use when playing this game.