Mavim Rules 7

Mavim b.v. (Proprietary)

Mavim Rules 7 is a business application. It assists users in their Business Process Management needs, particularly in process documentation. It contains a comprehensive set of tools that allow company managers to efficiently organize tasks, projects, documents, and other details and information necessary to ensure that company processes are done smoothly.

One of the key features of this application is its simulation function. With this tool, users can simulate their business processes and see where they may improve process flow. The simulation can show where there may be bottlenecks in a particular operation. For example, a team may have a long turnaround time, resulting in other teams not being able to do certain tasks. The simulation tool also shows managers where productivity may be low and what causes it. This information can help managers in planning and delegating tasks so that the business process will be more efficient.

The other features of Mavim Rules 7 include the following:

• Import documents – users can import information saved as Word documents or Visio drawings and incorporate this to the Rules database.
• Segregation of duties – users can create hyperlinks between project tasks to the person or team delegated to perform them. The application allows users to input the detailed description of roles for each member of the team.
• Information management – users can organize their company’s information, including related documents, process flows, and responsibilities from one program.