MatrikonOPC Explorer

Matrikon Inc. (Freeware)

MatrikonOPC Explorer is an OPC client software developed by Matrikon Inc. It is an OPC client program primarily used for troubleshooting functions, and is utilized for OPC connections and OPC servers. The program is designed to assist users from the installation phase, down to the testing phase, and finally, the configuration phase. The program tests the connection of the OPC servers with one another. MatrikonOPC Explorer offers some advanced functions, which include secure OPC server identification, load testing, and configuration testing. Aside from these, the program also comes with different functions like OPC Security, HDA, DA, and A&E or Alarms and Events.

MatrikonOPC Explorer features a classic grey and blue window interface theme. The menu bar features options for File, Service, Group, View, and Help. Different buttons and shortcuts like the top of the window corresponding to the task bar. The main window is divided into four main partitions. The top left portion features a tree view interface showing the different locations like LocalHost, Network Neighborhood, and Other Network Computers. Users can expand the view to show the contents of each location. The bottom left window shows the Server Information consisting of Server name, Connection status, Program state, Groups, Total Items, and Current Local Time. The bottom right portion displays the Group Info, and the remaining window located at the top right, features the main Explorer window.