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MATLAB is an application used for mathematical computations and visualizations. The software has built-in match functions and other tools to help users to come up with solutions faster than using programming languages. MATLAB is typically used for a variety of applications, image and video processing, tests, measurements, biology, and finance. The program provides users with an interactive environment that allows freedom for exploration and problem solving. Mathematical functions include statistics, algebra, etc.

MATLAB also provides tools for acquiring, analyzing, and visualizing data. Accessing data can be done by getting them from files, applications, or external devices/gadgets. File formats supported are Excel, binary files, text files, and audio and video files. With data analysis tools, users can view trends and come up with assumptions for problem solving. The software offers 2D and 3D plotting, which can help in visualizing data and results.

The application consists of tools for algorithm development, too. These include a command window, MATLAB Editor, MATLAB profiler, and Code Analyzer. MATLAB can be used together with other applications, even those that are written in other programming languages (.NET, C++, Java, and C). There is also an option to use the MATLAB Coder in order to generate a C code, which supports standalone execution and can be used with other programs.