Mathsoft Mathcad

Parametric Technology Corporation. (Proprietary)

Mathsoft Mathcad is a mathematical computation program developed by Mathsoft and was first introduced on DOS in 1996. This program enables users to calculate, graph, and communicate technical ideas and work with mathematical expressions using standard math notation. This program is designed for verification, validation, documentation, and re-use of engineering calculations. Mathsoft Mathcad is primarily used by engineers and scientists in various fields such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, and civil engineering.

Mathsoft Mathcad provides an interface that allows users to combine different elements (mathematical, descriptive text, and supporting imagery) into a single worksheet. Mathematical computations done in the worksheet is live and dynamically recalculated as users modify the values and variables. This feature allows users to easily manipulate the input data, assumptions, and expressions, which the program will update in real time. Mathsoft Mathcad features numerical operators that perform summations, products, derivatives, integrals, and Boolean operations. The programs numeric functions can also apply trigonometric, exponential, hyperbolic, and other functions and transforms. Mathsoft Mathcad also features symbolic that simplify, differentiate, integrate, and transform expressions algebraically. In addition, vectors and matrices can be used to manipulate arrays and perform various linear algebraic operations such as finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and looking up array values. Mathsoft Mathcad also has differential equation solvers that support ordinary differential equations and systems of differential equations, as well as boundary value problems.