MatheMax Pro 4.01.0455

J.Behling, ABC-Ware (Shareware)

MatheMax Pro is an application used for helping students learn and practice basic mathematical operations. Learning mathematics can be a daunting task for many students; however, it can be done successfully using the right tools. This program begins with counting exercises, basic operations such as addition and subtraction, then multiplication and division, until the student can do arithmetic in mixed modes. The exercises can be configured to match the learner’s skill level, or these can also be set as pre- and post-tests to gauge how much the student has learned.

The program can also be configured to test several players who may or may not have the same skill level. The program comes with a log file so parents and teachers can monitor the learner’s progress. The log will contain information about all the exercises a learner has taken, when these were taken, and what the scores are. One of the features of this application is a solution button. When clicked, it shows the right result to the mathematical problem being shown. When a user gets an answer right, he or she will hear a congratulatory sound and see a fun graphic.

MatheMax is ideal for complementing lectures. The software program provides an easy-to-navigate and intuitive interface where operations can be used.