Wolfram Research, Inc. (Shareware)

Mathematica is a program that enables users perform computations that can be exported as a graphic workflow. This program can accomplish simple and technical computations that are used in various scientific and mathematical fields such as Engineering, Biotechnology, Medicine, Finance, Statistics, Software Development, Education, and even in Arts and Entertainment.

Mathematica has large database of elementary and special mathematical functions, which the user can freely select. The program also displays various equation and formula templates where users may supply the required variable for their computation. Mathematica’s main feature is its ability to integrate mathematical computations and the resulting graphic representation in a single workflow. The program uses various 2D and 3D elements as well as animation tools to accomplish this. Users can utilize Mathematica to create charts, graphs, 2D and 3D models, chemical structures, chemical reaction diagrams, and structure designs. In addition to these, the program can create animated representations of scientific occurrences. Users can create a weather pattern simulation, crash test simulations, particle behavior simulations and many more. The program also allows users to preview the computation string and the graphic visualization in order to synchronize changes.

Mathematica can also be used to develop program tools, applications, and infrastructure components with its library of programming codes. The program supports .Net, SQL, Haskell, AppleScript, Racket, Visual Basic, Python, and Clojure.