MatchMover 2010

Autodesk (Shareware)

Created by Autodesk and released through the Maya software bundle, MatchMover 2010 is a program that enables artists to track three-dimensional camera motion from various video and film sequences. The program allows users to easily insert 3D elements into any particular scene. The scene can be manually composed or captured with the use of a digital camera. It is the user's choice to manually animate the 3D elements or simply use elements which have already been programmed into the software.

There are different features that users can enjoy when it comes to the MatchMover 2010 software. First, there is the ease of tracking. Track points can be controlled manually or set to run automatically depending on the user. Other functions that can be expected from the program include image loading, image sequence tracking, and exporting of the rendered 3D data. The files that are generated by this program can then be used on various three-dimensional animation and compositing programs. Users can import files from existing folders on the computer system. Images on external devices can also be loaded directly onto the interface for processing. After importing, the user can engage in various editing processes, all of which can be found as buttons on the interface. 3D elements can be composed and inserted into the base file as needed. Afterwards, the user can save the file using a variety of formats before exporting it.