The Turbo Shop, Inc. (Shareware)

MasterTune-HD is a Windows-based reprogramming tool for Harley-Davidson motorcycles 2001 and later. MasterTune-HD is a multi-functional ECM tool that provides users an effective means of adjusting parameters such as front and rear cylinder volumetric efficiency and spark advance. This program also facilitates the changing of the RPM limit from factory setting. This utility is designed to give the user a tool to make the needed adjustments based on engine size and type of fuel injector.

In this program, users can opt for a multi-vehicle interface. They can also save the original factory calibration and restore the settings as needed. To help users in visualizing tuning maps, this program has both 2D and 3D graphing of tables. As a safety feature, this program has preset limits so that the values are not set beyond reasonable settings. Adjustments are therefore regulated by the utility.

MasterTune-HD by The Turbo Shop, Inc. supports Retrofit ECM Service modules 2005 and later as well. This allows for calibration of the factory speedometer. This application can also store the original as well as the last saved edits. This is a handy feature for users who intend to return to previous configuration later. Another handy feature is the comparison function, which identify the modified regions in the tables presented for ease of identification by users of this application.