Mastering Catia by Examples (MCE)

Catia-Pro (Proprietary)

Mastering Catia by Examples (MCE) is a multimedia training program for users of CATIA, or Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application. CATIA is a CAD/CAM/CAE application. The training program for CATIA is a standalone course that makes use of video and audio narration in its tutorials. There are more than 730 tutorials in the MCE package to help users in learning about CATIA. The package contains 33 hours’ worth of multimedia presentations.

The training course is divided into main chapters that are further subdivided into subchapters. These subchapters may contain smaller chapters that break down a topic to its basic core, for the easier understanding of CATIA learners. Each part introduces the topic at hand and includes an activity to follow using step-by-step instructions, demonstrated in a video presentation. Some of the videos include additional information in a PowePoint prresentation format.

Mastering Catia by Examples (MCE) enables beginners to understand the many uses and functions of CATIA. After the first few presentations, users will be able to undertake simple CAD projects; when the course is finished, users will be able to create advanced designs. Some of the topics included in the training course are:
• Creating Geometries
• Rotating and Scaling Elements
• Creating and Axis Point
• Generative and Interactive Drafting
• Products Architecture