MasterClips Font Utility

IMSI (Shareware)

MasterClips Font Utility offers users with an immense collection of clip art images with thousands of options. The available clips include a huge variety of images, including files from historical archives, landmarks and key sites, landscapes, people, animals, and many others. The featured items in this utility may be used for a wide array of applications.

This program provides users with a massive collection of fine art, vector images, clip art, medium and high resolution pictures, web art, animation, and video files. This application also presents users with numerous True Type font options. Sound and photo affects are included as well. The extensive image library also has photos of professional quality.

This program is a comprehensive resource that serves as the definitive collection of graphic images and clip art that are compatible with different formats and this program also allows users to attach sound to the images. MasterClips Font Utility offers users with an organized selection of black and white as well as options in color.

MasterClips Font Utility has the following fundamental components which facilitate ease of use and implementation: Master Clips Font Installer, Master Clips Browser, MasterClips Sound Controller, and 1st Design Clip Art Editor. Operational and installation instructions are available to first-time users.