Master Voyagr

InterCrypto Ltd (Shareware)

Master Voyager developed by InterCrypto Ltd. is a utility used in creating password-protected flash drives, CDs, and DVDs. Encryption allows users to keep their files private even when these are stored in public folders. This application also gives users the peace of mind that does not usually come with the loss or theft of a storage device. Drives and files protected with encrypted passwords cannot be accessed by other users. It is also ideal to create password-protected disks when sending data through postal mail.

Master Voyager comes with the following features:

• Encryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard – the AES is the Federal Information Processing Standard for securing data. It is used by banks, corporate establishments, and even the United States Government

• No installation required to unlock – Recipients need not operate the program in order to access the protected data; they only need to insert the storage media and enter the password provided by the sender or Master Voyager user.

• Transparent decryption – the decryption process is easy and does not require the user to make use of decryption programs. All the user needs to do is to key in the password when prompted.

• Integrated disk burning module – this program supports popular disk types CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RW. The user simply selects the files and folders to be stored and protected in a disk.