Master Rallye

Steel Monkeys (Proprietary)

Master Rallye is a racing game that lets players drive four-wheel drive off-road cars. There are many racing modes available: full rally, one-on-one challenges, three-event race, three-event cups, and a single-leg practice session. Players can change the difficulty level of the race and select up to three computer opponents. There is also a solo checkpoint race that lets players pass through a number of gates on their way to the finish line.

In this game, players are not limited to staying on the roads to be able to finish the race. They can choose whichever path as long as they reach the finish line and beat their opponents. Players can take shortcuts through any environment but they must be careful not to get stuck, drive off a cliff, or collide with a rock. They must also watch out for computer-controlled opponents that challenge players to strategize about the route they have to take to outsmart the AI.

The game provides players with a number of 4x4 vehicle models that players have to unlock first. The racing circuits and major competitions are also locked until the player reaches an achievement that unlocks them. Players have to win three-stage tournaments to unlock a new circuit or off-road vehicle. Master Rallye provides options for single-player and multiplayer modes. The game can accommodate up to six players.