Master of Orion III


Master of Orion III is a turn-based, 4x space strategy game developed by the company, Quicksilver Software. It is the third installment of the Master of Orion game series, and in this game, the player finds himself/herself in a galaxy being orbited by a colony ship and a handful of scout ships. The player must explore the system and colonize a part of the galaxy in order to create more colony ships and build infrastructure that will enable the player to build more efficient vessels later on. Colonies are vulnerable and defenseless at the beginning of the game and the player must determine how suitable the worlds are to them. To protect them from being attacked, the player must build military vessels and prepare choke points to prevent other empires from occupying the player’s space domain.

The main goal of this game is to defeat AI players using one of three strategies. In every turn, the player decides on various aspects such as colonization, commerce, diplomacy, exploration, politics, and tech research among others. Victory conditions such as galaxy domination and Senate leadership are established at the start of the game. Colonization involves conquering individual planetary bodies found in randomly generated star systems. Each of these systems consists of one to eight planets, each of which possesses a habitability rating according to the player’s requirements.