Master Blues Piano Solos Vol 1

PG Music Inc. (Proprietary)

Master Blues Piano Solos Vol 1 is a program that teaches users how to play piano solos in the Blues style. It comes included with 30 complete songs covering Pop, Jazz Blues, and Rock genres, and the program will teach users how to play these in the style of popular Blues pianists such as MontyA, Jelly Roll, and DrJ. This application provides users with a fun and easy way of learning how to play the piano in the distinct Blues style, which serves as a good foundation for other musical styles.

There are easy, medium, and difficult Blues piano solo styles and beginners can start with the easy examples and work their way to the more difficult songs. All of the piano solos in the program are integrated with a piano display on notation that users can view on the screen. This enables users to not only hear the notes but also see each note as it is being played.

The advanced features of Master Blues Piano Solos Vol 1 enable users to adjust the playing speed and loop any portion, until the user knows the piece by heart and can play it seamlessly in the Blues style. Notations can also be printed out. The tunes included in the program are done in MIDI and MGU formats.