Mask My IP

Mask My IP (Shareware)

Mask My IP is a network utility tool that is used for concealing the real IP address of a computer. An IP address is a unique identifier of a computer’s network address. With this address, anyone can be identified and located. This program is a tool particularly designed for online protection. When this program is active, the user can surf online anonymously. This tool is available in two editions – Pro and Free. The Pro edition is the paid version.

The program works by masking the computer’s real IP and generating a fake one. Anyone who tries to obtain or hack that computer’s IP address will get a fake IP address. Mask My IP does this by connecting to the servers and obtaining an IP location, or proxy. When the user utilizes this proxy server, the computer only accesses the Internet indirectly.

The user interface of this tool is straightforward. During initial launch, the program’s interface displays the user’s real IP address. There are two main buttons beneath it – Hide IP and Select Fake Location. When the Hide IP button is clicked on, it automatically generates a new IP address for the user. By default, the computer chooses which country the proxy or fake IP is located. However, this can be changed by clicking on the Select Fake Location button.