Supersonic Software (Proprietary)

Mashed: Drive to Survive is a car racing game developed by Supersonic Software on June 2004. It is a vehicular combat racing game similar to other games like Super Sprint and Circuit Breakers. Each racing game features 4 cars racing towards the end line. The players weave through traffic composed of several hurdles and obstacles. Weapon bonuses are also scattered along the track. Gameplay is based on left-behind principle. Players have to make sure that their cars stay on the screen so as not to be eliminated from the game. The game continues until only one player is left on the game. Every win is given 2 points while getting eliminated gives the player less points. The race begins anew once the points are distributed. The player advances in level upon completing 10-12 points, depending on the level. The game also offers multiplayer gameplay.

Mashed: Drive to Survive features several track options including Kharga Temple, Angel Peak, Ventura Boulevard, Demolition, Koko Bay, Tierra Piedra, and RedPool Tip, among others.  Weapons that may be picked up include the Drum Bomb, Flamethrower, Shotgun, Proximity Mine, Flash Bang, Mortar, Homing Missile, and Oil Slick.

Mashed: Drive to Survive developers released another game called Mashed: Fully Loaded. This sequel featured extra weapons, tracks, and vehicle options. Supersonic also released another version called just Drive to Survive, for game consoles.