Marxio Timer Application 1.12.2

Marek Mantaj (Freeware)

Marxio Timer is a program used for scheduling different tasks. With this program, users can turn off the computer, restart, log out, hibernate, and run programs all at a set schedule. The program has a simple user interface that is easy to use even for novice computer users and those who are not computer savvy.

The program has three sections. The first section is where users can choose an action to execute. Some of the options include playing a sound, displaying text, and spending or locking the computer. The second section is where users have to set a time for the action’s execution. The choices include after a set time has elapsed, after the computer has been idle for a number of minutes or hours, or at a selected hour. The third section is for additional settings. Users can also save these schedules to be executed at a later time. Saved schedules can be used later on by adding the save file under the saved schemas field. Other settings include adding a password or creating a screenshot of the desktop window. When all the settings have been chosen, users just need to click on the “Activate” button in order to make and finalize the changes.