Marvelous Designer 2


Marvelous Designer 2 is graphics application that provides users with the ability to create virtual clothing in 3D. The technology used in this application is based on sewing and patternmaking, which allows for a realistic rendering of garments. Users can create basic shirts to military uniforms and gowns. The application can virtually replicate the physical properties of fabric and textures for a more realistic draping onto 3D models. This is made possible through the application’s animation cache functionality coupled with high-polygon modeling. With this feature, users can see how the clothing moves when draped on moving characters.

This program has an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use tools, including pins and arrangement points. The textural coordinates are included with the clothing patters for greater ease of use. The application’s smart sewing tool lets users create and edit seam lines. Users can also edit fabrics, textures, and other physical properties through the application’s preset library so that they can better simulate the clothing on the 3D models quickly. Users can also add rich details to their created garments, including stitches, shoulder pads, pockets, and buttons. Polygon-shaped patterns can be easily created and edited as well.

Marvelous Designer 2 is compatible with other graphics applications, such as 3DS Max, ZBrush, Maya, Modo, and Softimage.