Mars 3D Space Tour screensaver 1.1

FP Software laboratory (Shareware)

Mars 3D Space Tour is a screensaver program that launches whenever the system has been idle for a set number of minutes. This three-dimensional screensaver displays a view of the planet Mars as seen from outer space. The camera pans and zooms in and out of the image so users can take a tour of the planet from space. The images and animation of the screensaver are smooth and are similar to footage and images taken by NASA. This makes the screensaver educational as well. Other features of the application are as follows:

• Displays Mars in different conditions (sunrise and sunset)
• Shows a view of Mars’ two moons
• Has different tour modes including Martian Orbit and Phobos Flyby
• Can be set to ignore mouse movements, so users can watch the screensaver until a key on the keyboard is pressed
• Comes with accurate representation of Mars including the planet’s texture, blur, atmospheric fogs, and colors

The application has a settings window that can be changed in order to change the way the program behaves. Some of the settings include the video mode (custom or desktop resolution), the animation speed (slow to fast) and the camera cycle (specific cycle or random sequence).