Rightword Enterprises (Proprietary)

MarkAble2 is an audio bookmarking program developed by Rightword Enterprise. This software is designed to work with iTunes for Apple devices. It is a program designed for bookmarking and combining audiobooks or podcasts that are not purchased from iTunes Music Store and Audible. Using this program enables Apple device owners to take advantage of the same bookmarking feature applied on audiobooks and podcasts purchased from the aforementioned stores.

With the program, the device can mark the point within the audio file where listeners left off. Once the users load the audio file again, the software will load the part where listeners stopped to start listening again. This convenience is now available even if the files were obtained from other stores. It also allows users to combine different podcasts from CDs. The program loads a dialog box that lets Apple device owners to rip podcasts and audiobooks in preparation for merging. This interface is also easy to configure to suit specific preferences set by the user.

The program’s user interface is easy to manipulate. Buttons are located at the accessible part of the dialog box, making the ripping process faster than before. Moreover, configuration is simple as the developer guarantees listeners convenient bookmarking, ripping, and merging procedures. MarkAble2 also makes audiobooks and podcasts look better as it supports image change. Listeners can choose their preferred images for their files stored in the Apple gadget.