Mario Worker

Softendo (Freeware)

Mario Worker is a Mario game toolset developed by Softendo. It is more than a game, wherein users have the ability to create Mario games themselves without programming skills. With this program, users can create Mario game levels with bricks and make it personalized according to user preference.

Mario Worker’s interface is straightforward. It provides three options when creating a game – Edit, Upload/Download, and Create Scenario. The Edit function allows users to edit certain aspects of a Mario game level. It allows users to add blocks, buddies, scenery, marks, and bonuses. Users have total control on where these game elements are placed in the level. Music and background can also be set in this function. The Upload/Download function redirects users to Softendo’s website where users have the option to upload their creation or download a user-made Mario level. The last function, Create Scenario, is used for creating an entire Mario scenario. It is particularly used for compiling all the created levels. The user can choose how many levels the scenario contains. Afterwards, it allows the users to choose which level is level 1, level 2, level 3, and so on. The program then compiles the level to create an entire scenario. Mario Worker also offers a function for playing the created Mario level or created Mario scenario.