Mario Forever Block Party

Softendo Download Games (Shareware)

Mario Forever Block Party is a fun video game for the whole family that has more than 100 levels for players to enjoy. There are logical puzzles to solve and evil villains to fight. Players of Mario Forever Block Party are up against the evil Bowser and Kemek who have figured out a way to fill Toadstoll land with nothing else but magic blocks. The two wicked friends are planning to build an empire on the ruins of the world after the magic blocks have gobbled everything.

In Mario Forever Block Party, players are given many opportunities to triumph against the enemy. There are magic ladders and bombs to help Mario, the plumber solve problems. The Mushroom Kingdom is in danger if Mario is unable to solve the puzzles and players face the challenge of removing the blocks before they cover everything up.

Mario Forever Block Party offers players with a visually compelling game with amazing sound and graphics. It is a modern take on the classic Super Mario Bros games that this generation of players will enjoy.  Mario Forever Block Party is an entertaining game that is easy to learn and control. Nevertheless, players of Mario Forever Block Party need to exercise a lot brain power because one false move could lead to failure.