Marine Sharpshooter 4

Groove Media Inc. (Proprietary)

Groove Media Inc. created and released the first-person action shooter game Marine Sharpshooter 4 in June 2008. Developed mainly for PC gaming, this FPS game focuses on the story of an army lieutenant and his sergeant-at-arms. The characters are both experienced marine scout snipers who have been trained to eliminate Afghan warlords. They also have the mission of finding nuclear weapons and materials that have been lost in battle. The player takes the role of a marine sniper. Gameplay involves the player taking on a rebel army and beat terrorists and mercenaries. The end goal is to emerge victorious by preventing the onset of a nuclear holocaust.

Aside from actual sniper-related scenarios, the game also offers close-quarters combat. The environment has been created to mimic the look and feel of actual villages set in Afghanistan. Seasonal changes are also evident during gameplay. Seasons can change from extreme summer heat and haze to falling snow on village rooftops and nearby cliffs, although environmental interaction is kept to a minimum due to the arcade-type gameplay. Aside from shooting action and occasional melee combat, the game also has other elements that are integral to the player’s progress. One of these elements is the healing dynamic that comes into play when a player is injured in virtual combat.