Marine Puzzle 1.0

ePlaybus (Shareware)

Marine Puzzle is a computer puzzle game for kids, teens, and even adults. This is a single player application that features battles of ships and pirates in the ocean. The goal of the player is to destroy the enemy’s ship before his ship gets burned down. To do that, the user has to play the puzzle in a grid displayed on the user-friendly interface by forming at least three same items on the same line. The items on the puzzle are gems, cannon balls, scrolls, coins, and wheels. When items are grouped, the player gets points and his ship releases fire towards the enemy. There is an extra move provided when four items are aligned together. Take note: the more items to group on the same line, the higher the point earned and the faster to burn the opponent’s ship.

The player can play as the “Guardian” or the “Merchant”. When playing the “Guardian”, there are stronger tactics and defense applied. Most of the items used are green gems. On the other hand, there are more gold to earn when playing “Merchant”. Blue crystals are mostly used in the puzzle under the “Merchant” mode.

Other features of Marine Puzzle are the following:
• Ship’s life bar display
• Soundtrack and graphics
• Score summary and statistics
• “Save” and “Load” options