Marble Blast Gold

GarageGames (Shareware)

Marble Blast Gold is a skill-based platformer game developed by GarageGames and published by Monster Studios. The game kicks off with a multi-colored marble, which the player must control from one end of the pad to the other end without falling off. The player’s main challenge is keeping the marble on track until it gets to the other side of the pad, but this task is made even more difficult by obstacles that are built to push the marble off course. The game offers a hundred levels to play, some of which come with a Qualification time – a time limit that the player must achieve in order to advance in the game.

Apart from a time limit, some levels require the player the collect a specified number of gems before going through to the next level. The first 24 levels are labeled “Beginner”, the next 24 “Intermediate”, and the last 52 are considered “Advanced”. In the second level, gems start to appear, and the third level, the player gains the ability to make the marble jump. Subsequent levels reveal new marble features, and power-ups pop up occasionally on the terrain. Some of the inventory power-ups enable the marble to jump higher, roll faster, and bounce more. The surface of the pad features various textures that affect the movement of the marble.