Marble Arena

Brightside Games (Freeware)

Marble Arena is a 3D marble arcade game developed by Brightside Entertainment. The player takes on the role of a marble, which rolls across a wide and colorful world filled with various obstacles. It is the player’s job to control the marble and overcome all of these challenges in order to reach the goal. During the course of the game, the marble should be rolled over stars that are scattered all over the different worlds because they amount to game points. These points will upgrade the marble, which in turn will make it withstand more difficult terrain. Marble Arena features 50 levels, which allow players to test their abilities in various surfaces. They also get to figure out how to utilize the Physics-related devices in order to get past AI-controlled enemies.

Some of the terrains featured in Marble Arena include concrete, asphalt, and ice. It can be challenging to switch from one surface to the next, so players have to practice swinging the marble. In addition, there are power-ups that enhance the marble and make it easier to dodge obstacles. Players can also create custom levels by using the game’s built-in editor. In the multiplayer mode, they can also create custom lobbies courtesy of Marble Arena’s dedicated server that is active round the clock.