Marble Arena 2

Brightside Entertainment (Freeware)

Marble Arena 2 is a physics-oriented 3D marble game developed by the company, Brightside Entertainment. In this game, the player’s main goal is to collect the required number of stars in each level in order to proceed to the next. Points are earned only if the player is able to gather all of the stars; however, if a level is completed without collecting all of the stars, the player can still advance to the next level albeit but with no earned points. The end of a level is marked by an exit, and in order for the player to reach it, s/he must control the marble skillfully while hurdling all obstacles.

One of the main challenges of this game is being able to guide the marble through the different ground surfaces. Some of the types of terrain features in Marble Arena 2 include asphalt and ice, both of which affect the behavior and movement of the marble. In order to resume the game to the last completed level, the player must save his/her progress every time. There game offers 50 levels and players can also create and customize levels through the game’s built-in level editor. Custom-made levels and top scores are posted on the game’s website.