MapWindow GIS

MapWindow OSS Team (Open Source)

MapWindow GIS is an open-source application that lets users view spatial data and is an extensive geographic information system (GIS). A GIS is a system that has been developed to store, manage, manipulate, present, and analyze geographical data. It merges statistical analysis with computer science and cartography to come up with accurate and detailed maps for various purposes.

This application also features the following attributes:

• Availability of standard GIS data visualization features. It lets users edit tables and shape files and has tools for converting data. The application supports other GIS program formats, which include binary grids, Shapefiles, ESRI ArcInfor ASCII, and GeoTiff.
• Function as a GIS programming tool. As a mapping utility, this application can be used in engineering research without the need for the user to buy a complete GIS system for a project.
• ActiveX included. A complete ActiveX component is included in this application, which allows MapWindow to add GIS capabilities instantly to another mapping program installed in the user’s computer.

This mapping utility may be used as a development kit for those doing geospatial analysis, and/or as a toolset for developing and sharing datasets with other program users. Users can install additional plug-ins to enhance its functions. In addition to the plug-ins that may be installed, users can also write their own mapping data plug-ins according to their project needs.