MapSphere 1.0.0

MapSphere (Freeware)

MapSphere is a program that funnels GPS services straight into a user’s PC. It takes advantage of many sources such as TerraServer, LandSat, and the open source OpenStreetMap to provide the program’s users with the most accurate maps possible. The program also takes advantage of satellite imagery to augment these maps. The user has the option of 2D or 3D views to suit their preference. The program is compatible with many GPS receivers to allow it to track a user’s current position. The program can become a makeshift travel diary of sorts, allowing users to log and save locations that they have travelled to. They can also chat with other users and discuss their travels. The locations of other users of the program can also be viewed. All these maps and logs are saved to the user’s hard drive for offline perusal.

The program is augmented by an online counterpart. MapSphere Online complements the functions of the program by saving the user’s tracks, map data, and other related information onto the cloud. Photos from travels are uploaded as well. Users can download data on geocaches and their locations. This information can then be shared with other users of the program who are also interested in geocaches. The program displays accurate maps, allows socialization with other travelers and is, overall, an essential for travel enthusiasts.