MapSource 6.16.3

GARMIN Corp. (Freeware)

Garmin MapSource is a program used for managing Garmin GPS devices. It offers a detailed geographic data, which can be viewed on the computer. Geographic data can also be uploaded onto the GPS unit. For Garmin GPS units that require unlocking, the MapSource interface can be used to access the program’s features. This can be found at the Manage Map Products options at the program’s Utilities menu. The program can also be used for modifying coverage areas, which can be done when the MapSource Installation Wizard is launched. Modifying the coverage areas allows users to add or remove particular regional coverage areas.

MapSource contains five main parts – Toolbars, Data Tabs, Splitter Bar, Graphic Map, MiniMap, and Status Bar. The program also offers the Map tool allowing users to choose which maps to be uploaded to the GPS unit. Adding maps from several MapSource products is also possible. Aside from adding and removing maps, MapSource can also be used for creating and editing waypoints. Waypoints are any point on the Graphic Map tab that is stored in the memory. The Waypoints are also known as Favorites or My Locations on certain GPS units. Creating and editing routes is also possible using this program. These routes will tell the user how to get from one area to another. Creating an auto-route or direct route is available, depending on the product’s compatibility.