Maple 10

Maplesoft (Proprietary)

Maple 10 is a mathematical program that can be used to analyze complex mathematical equations and derive models with the help of mathematical components. Those who rely on the program have the ability to use general mathematical notations. They can also work with symbolic computations when using the application. The interface is user-friendly and it functions well with programming language executed in an imperative format. It is possible for the user to customize the interface if necessary making the program even easier to use and making mathematical computations simpler to execute.

Aside from the standard and Excel based interfaces, it is also possible to run the Maple 10 program on other interfaces if the necessary language support is available. Some of the external language packets that are supported by this application include C and C# as well as Java, MATLAB, Visual Basic, and Fortran.

The interface is comprehensive which means almost all of the tools that a user would require for a particular equation or graph will be available on one side of the screen. More than twenty palettes carrying different executable equations and symbols are present. A simple drag and drop function is available with this particular software removing most complications or hassles from regular program usage.