NeoAxis Group Ltd. (Proprietary)

MapEditor is a utility developed by NeoAxis Group Ltd. for its Game Engine. The recent improvements made to this application is intended to assist users in constructing and designing games. This utility plays an important role in the assembly of games from scratch, making the process easier for novice game designers.

MapEditor by NeoAxis is especially helpful in level construction and design by giving users the ability to move, scale and rotate objects more quickly. The step range may also be specified by providing values allowing for more discrete movements of objects. One of the highlights of this program is the feature that gives users of the tool the ability to move objects to the camera instantly. This cuts down the work that needs to be done since the camera is already in position and there is no need to look for the object and then move or drag it to the desired location. Objects may also “locked” to the camera using the “Lock Selected Objects to Camera” feature which makes it very convenient to move smaller objects.

MapEditor offers users with a set of the right tools that makes game creation less time consuming and more stimulating. This powerful utility offers precision control of objects and more accurate scaling functions.