MangaStudio 4

CELSYS,Inc. (Proprietary)

Manga Studio, also known as ComicSTudio in Japan) is a comic software program that is used for creating Manga comics. The program is available in two editions – Manga Studio EX and Manga Studio Debut. The Manga Studio EX is for professional artists while the Manga Studio Debut is for novice comic creators.

The program offers general-purpose graphics features. However, the program’s toolset is particularly designed for creating manga and comics. It offers tools for creating perspective rulers, panel layouts, applying tones/textures, inking, sketching, coloring, creating captions/word balloons, and more. The program also offers support for making full-color comics. Single-page and multipage comics are also supported by both EX and Debut versions.

MangaStudio also offers coloring and drawing tools. It features more than 3000 screen tones. Creating customized screen tones is also possible. Aside from this, this graphics application also provides resizing functions. It can convert bitmap drawings to vector graphics. Exporting different types of formats like jpeg, tga, psd, bmp, and others is possible as well. Support for a pen tablet is also available. This feature enables users to draw naturally as if the user is drawing on a paper. MangaStudio also features 2DLT Rendering. This function is used for converting 2D images into line and tone documents. Importing 3D objects and transforming them into drawings is also available via the 3DLT Rendering function.