(Open Source)

MAME Plus! is the improved version of the original MAME program. MAME, which means Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, allows users to play older arcade games on their computer systems. It does this by working with the data files of these games - files called ROMs – and launching these files on modern personal computers. MAME Plus! can emulate (recreate the environment of games meant for play on other systems) from the 70s to the 2000s.

MAME uses ROM images, which are data taken from the ROM chips of the original circuit boards of the games it emulates. This program can be considered said games’ “hardware,” taking the place of the support chips and original processing units of these games. As such, the games played on MAME should not be considered copies or simulations, but rather the actual games – albeit played on more sophisticated systems such as today’s PCs.

Novice computer users may need research or the aid of more knowledgeable users prior to successfully launching MAME games. The interface of MAME Plus! may not be difficult to learn, much like GUI or user interface of many everyday programs. However, it may require front-ends or additional applications for use with arcade cabinets and PC home theaters.