MaMa Games Ballz3D 3.1

MaMa Games (Freeware)

Balz3D is a puzzle game where part of the user’s goal is to align three balls of the same color to score points. Points are given when the user makes a row of three same-colored objects disappear and by starting a chain reaction of other trios disappearing.  To make a line disappear, the user must switch two adjoining objects and match it to make a line of three similarly colored ones.

Balz3D has four game modes. Arcade mode is a timed game where the user must reach a certain score within the time limit to continue playing. If the user does not meet the level score by that time, the user has to restart the game. Strategic Mode limits the number of moves the user must use to reach a level score. Each time the user makes an alignment, it counts as a move. The user must then score as many points as possible in each move. Classic mode allows the user to play the game until the user runs out of moves.  Action mode combines Strategic and Arcade modes. The user has to reach the level score while under a time limit, and with a limited amount of moves available.

Balz3D includes bonuses for the user to find. Bonuses include bombs, arrow balls, dead balls, and Jokers. The game includes a demo to introduce new users to the game.